Fall 2014 – Passion 4 Life Couple’s Intimacy Retreat

Artwork by Gustof Klimpt

Artwork by Gustof Klimpt

The next couples intimacy retreat is September 25-28, 2014 at the beautiful Pan Pacific in Seattle. These retreats transform relationships while spoiling and nourishing you in every way.

If life and demands have taken the spark out of your love life or if you want to keep the fire of desire burning, this 3 day couples intimacy retreat promises to ignite the flame. Like becoming a great musician, becoming a great lover is more than just desire … it’s an ancient spiritual art form. Unfortunately due to culture and traditional religious teaching most are unaware of the powerful capacity for healing and sexual pleasure available when sexuality is infused with spirituality. We have been given the delicious experience of sexual desire and sexual expression on purpose – with the intent that we would experience abundant aspects of what it is to love deeply – both the giving and receiving. We were created to know potent experiences of loving a beloved other. It is our mirror experience into the Creator’s great love for us.

During the Passion 4 Life Intimacy Retreat, couples set time aside to invest in becoming the lovers they were created to be. Over breakfast we uncover the spiritual side of sexuality and unpack all the messages of sexuality that have hindered us. We have lunch together and then spend time in mens and womens groups discussing what it means to apply what we are learning. Private time is allocated each afternoon for couples to practice new ways to enhance sexual and spiritual intimacy through specific sacred touching practices.

While you are rekindling desire, the Pan Pacific will provide the ultimate sensual feast for sight, sound, smell, taste and touch!! The hotel is beautiful and sits at the heart of the newest vibrant Seattle neighborhood. Sensual nourishment is one of the things the Pan Pacific does best – the rooms are elegant with two person tubs, ipod docs for your favorite music, and beds with sheets that are luxurious. The food for the opening and closing receptions and breakfast and lunch each day will be made by John Howie’s Seastar Restaurant adjacent to the hotel. Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe it! And if you have a hankering for more chocolate or a container of fresh raspberries … Whole Foods is on the bottom floor!

This retreat gives couple’s what is needed to build a marriage that thrives in today’s stressful culture. As a couple’s therapist, I watch marriages end that never would have ended if folks had learned and practiced what is covered in this retreat. A year of therapy will run you $7200, a disconnected marriage, much more. Don’t let the slow slide of a fading connection and growing disillusionment catch you by surprise! This 3 day retreat promises to nourish and restore you, your relationship and your sexual intimacy and is $1995.00. This covers all training material, the intimacy program, opening and closing receptions and breakfast and lunch each day. Rooms are booked separately directly with the hotel and are being offered at $179/night (regularly $280-$350/night). Registration is open to 8 couples and closes when full.

Come experience what you and your beloved were created for – and enter an amazing new world where love, sex and intimacy flourish.

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What couple’s are saying –

This retreat did a wonderful job of showing me what’s been missing in my view of intimacy and sexuality. It’s put our marriage on an upward trajectory and brought back some of that “honeymoon” feeling for us.          Shane, Married 19 yrs

This retreat is something I wish I had done 20 years ago. The things you will learn about yourself, about your spouse, about your marriage, about intimacy, about God will blow you away and change your life for the better forever. Go!             Angie

This retreat changed our marriage and I don’t just mean our sex life. Truly, the way we interact with each other will never be the same.             Sarah, Married 4 years

This was the best time and money I have ever spent on a vacation. We all like to get a good return on our investment. I can honestly say the lifelong return on this investment cannot be beat.             Zack

This is an opportunity to listen, share and learn how to love and be loved and be more connected in your relationship. It’s something every couple should learn so their marriage can be all that it can be.             Terry, Married 31 yrs

This retreat has left me forever changed, in every way. Not only is my marriage better, but I feel like I’m a better woman, a better mom, a better person.          Angela, Married 19 yrs

This is absolutely an investment that warrants consideration given how influential the connection with your partner is to personal well-being, happiness, fulfillment, and hope in life. If you value these things, and you find yourself lacking, then this is an opportunity to get positive, long-lasting results in a short period of time.            Joe, Married 6 years

You can’t put a price on your marriage. Seriously, for our situation this was not financially easy. However, in the end it was worth every penny!                  Amanda

The weekend provides an opportunity to focus on each other in ways we rarely do, and to view the gift of sexuality in a powerfully healthy way.                Bill, Married 40 yrs

This retreat is not to be missed if you seek to take your relationship to a new deeper level of connection, communication, and spirituality.              Luke, Married 15 years

I have learned to be intentional to set time aside – time for love-making (not just intercourse) – where we prepare our hearts and minds for that time together. Within that time we are spontaneous and enjoy the moment wherever it leads us.         Leslie, Married 30 yrs

About Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD

Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers is a recognized scholar in the integration of spirituality into a multitude of areas represented in family and career life. As a behavioral scientist, licensed family therapist, medical family therapist, and certified sex therapist, she specializes in helping to craft relationships, organizations and lives that flourish. In the area of sexuality, Tina has spent a career helping people discover what culture has failed to teach them about their bodies, their hearts, their capacity for intimacy and their erotic potential.
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